• Mentoring

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    Building confidence & knowledge.

    Mentoring is about helping people develop more effectively. It is a relationship designed to build confidence so that mentees are able to take control of their own development and work. Mentoring differs from coaching in that the person acting as a mentor will have expertise and experience that is relevant to the mentee’s professional needs and goals. A mentor may also use a coaching style to encourage the mentee's own thinking as well as offering advice and knowledge.

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    A unique relationship.

    Support for a mentee can include: advice on career development, offering different perspectives, providing insight into work and career, structuring goals and direction, understanding a situation or problem, being a critical friend, acting as a sounding board, and encouraging self-reflection. A mentor and mentee relationship is unique to the two individuals involved and can be broad in focus, with clear mechanisms in place to support giving feedback and embedding learning.

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    Achieving Goals.

    As an Arts & Heritage Consultant, programmer and deliverer, I am motivated by supporting individuals, small Community Groups, and larger organisations in reaching their Goals, creatively engaging with new audiences, developing practice, and empowering people to access Arts & Heritage. My areas of expertise include Strategic Planning, Creative Delivery, Audience Development, Engagement & Evaluation. In 2015 I co-founded arts & heritage Consultancy Bright Culture, which supports individuals and organisations in bringing to life stories of people and places. I can work as a '121' mentor or offer group facilitation and training.

  • How It Works



    Explain purpose of the mentoring relationship, format of meetings and what is expected from the mentee and their role.



    Review experience, identify areas of development and goals. Provide ongoing support, guidance and feedback on actions.



    Identifying when the relationship reaches a natural end. Review and sign off objectives.Support mentor in articulating next steps.

  • Small print...


    Coaching can take place via audio/video call or in-person allows. I am based in London and can meet in either West or Central London, with the potential to travel further.


    For further information related to the support I can offer for people working in the culture sector, please visit Bright Culture or do get in touch.



    Mentoring sessions are priced for individuals & companies between £80-£120 per 90 min session.


    For individuals, packages are offered:

    4 x 90 min sessions



    6 x 90 min sessions


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