• Action Learning

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    Powerful problem-solving approach.

    Action Learning facilitation is a powerful group problem-solving approach based on the idea that people have an unlimited capacity to learn from experience but a limited capacity to learn from being taught. Action learning promotes fresh thinking and new ways of looking at and dealing with situations and is, as the name suggests, action-orientated.

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    New and deeper understanding.

    Learning and reflection happen in a small, facilitated group (or set) of people who come together to offer support and challenge for a group of peers with the intention of moving issues and challenges forward. It provides a safe space where Set members assist the person in gaining a new and deeper understanding of an issue, topic, or challenge.

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    Fresh insights and solutions.

    In Sets, members are exposed to different learning styles and alternative approaches to problem-solving. These can bring fresh insight and lead to the discovery of new solutions. Benefits include: providing space for 'out-loud' thinking and learning; being listened to without interruption; changes to approaches and behaviours and testing out new approaches and ideas.

  • How It Works



    I will work with you to understand & agree how an Action Learning (AL) Set could benefit your organisation, team or project.



    Recruit members of AL Set (generally 6-8 people). Provide an open session for people to learn about the Action Learning approach.



    Facilitate sessions with Set members. Model questioning and process,providing a safe and supportive space.

  • The small print...

    Free initial chat:

    If you would like to explore how Action Learning could help you, your team, project or organisation, then please get in touch to set up a free initial 30-minute call to discuss.



    Action Learning Sets normally meet for half a day at a time and can take place via video call or in-person if the location (and prevailing Covid restrictions) allows. I am based in London and can meet in either West or Central London.



    A varying pricing scale is available for the voluntary, cultural or voluntary sector between £400-£700 per day.


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