• Coaching

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    A powerful tool for transformation.

    Are you a woman who is struggling to know how to move forward, deal with a particular challenge or just feeling a bit stuck? Do you feel like your life is pivoting and changing and you don't know what to do next? Maybe you have a young family or you are entering the middle phase of your life. Then a coaching conversation could help. Coaching is a powerful tool for transformation, growth, and change. It provides a dedicated space to explore what really matters to you, with the encouragement of someone actively listening to you. It can support you in gaining clarity around what you want to achieve be that professional or personal, gain new insights, reflect, and ultimately take positive self-directed action.

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    Structured and collaborative.

    Coaching is a non-therapeutic relationship, where the coach facilitates and supports the person being coached in a structured, motivating, and non-judgemental way. My coaching approach is collaborative and non-directive, we will work together in a forward-thinking, solution-focused way at a pace that is respectful and in tune with your needs.

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    Thinking and reflection.

    Within a coaching relationship, the work is led by the person being coached. The coach asks useful and effective questions to promote thinking and reflection. Unlike a mentor and mentee relationship where expertise and advice are sought, the coach’s role is not enhanced by personal or professional knowledge that relates to the clients' experience as the thinking is done by the person being coached.

  • How It Works



    Free, no obligation, 30-minute introductory call. Giving us both the opportunity to explore 'fit' as we consider a possible coaching journey together.




    If you decide to move forward with me in a coaching relationship,our first session would be a 60 minute 'Discovery' session; exploring your goals for coaching.




    Ongoing sessions will take place every few weeks, typically working together for a minimum of three 60 minute sessions.


  • The small print...


    Coaching can take place via audio/video call or in-person. I am based in London and can meet in either West or Central London.


    I also offer the option of in-person outdoor coaching, which can enable deeper understanding and reflection on your goals.



    Hourly coaching sessions are priced for individuals and companies at £65-£85 per hour.


    For individuals, packages are offered:


    Package 1

    4 sessions @ £240


    Package 2

    6 sessions @ £360



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