• Coaching

    Coaching is a non-therapeutic relationship, where the coach facilitates and supports the person being coached in a structured, motivating and non-judgemental way. My coaching approach is collaborative and non-directive, we will work together in a forward-thinking, solution-focused way at a pace that is respectful and in tune with your needs.

    ‘Working with Catherine has been an incredibly helpful and supportive experience. Catherine has really helped me to clarify and give shape to my thoughts, while encouraging me to develop practical steps to move forward with, in both my personal and professional life.’

    JL Healy, Arts Marketing Professional

  • Action Learning

    Action Learning is a powerful group problem-solving approach based on the idea that people have an unlimited capacity to learn from experience but a limited capacity to learn from being taught. Action learning promotes fresh thinking and new ways of looking at and dealing with situations and is, as the name suggests, action-orientated.

    'I find Catherine extremely attentive in her listening, and the astuteness of her clarifications really resonates this. Her body language and tone reflect a real presence and care with the process, and I greatly appreciate this, and have a strong sense of how she is supporting and holding the group within her attention. This is demonstrated through her gentle pointers to keep us on track both timing-wise and with the stages, we are in. I value how she is listening to the communication of people's body language also and reflects this back.'

    AL Set member

  • Mentoring

    Mentoring is about helping people to develop more effectively. It is a relationship designed to build confidence and support the mentee so they are able to take control of their own development and work. Mentoring differs from coaching in that the person acting as a mentor will have expertise and experience that is relevant to the mentee’s professional needs and goals.

    'Catherine has been invaluable in my progress professionally and personally and I've come on so far in the short amount of time we've been working together. It has never felt like a mentoring or a coaching session, it always feels like a conversation, a catch up with a friend. She asks all the right questions in a way that never creates pressure or puts you on the spot'

    Rendered Retina Theatre Company

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